Anschluss: First Wave Amazon Reviews

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Here are some of the earliest Amazon reviews since the publicaton of Anschluss on October 17, 2013…by people who have actually read the book.

“Not only is the content in Anschluss new, it’s relevant, offering a much-needed breath of fresh air and direction in the sphere of racial politics that’s been otherwise spinning its wheels. Mr. Ronin provides a comprehensive analysis of our current situation- taking into account ecological, economic, cultural, and racial dynamics, noting their interrelationship, and from that, laying out the contextual framework ethnonationalists must operate in with an accompanying strategy to ensure our future survival and victory. Coupled with a firm grasp of historical events and detailed critique of where contemporary White Nationalist factions are going wrong and why they’re failing, and articulated in a digestible manner, Anschluss is certainly worth a purchase and your time.”

“Once in a while, there is a work that surfaces from the abyss of intellectual and political confusion, sets guidelines, outlines ideas and clearly marks a direction that could be qualified as reflective of the Solar wisdom. Ronin invents neologisms, sources sacred geometry, integrates primordial traditions and reflects on political ideologies to proclaim the essence of what remains of our Solar origins. He does that while making a sober assessment of the current ecological-environmental status quo and exploring the chaotic battlefield of energy politics. Anschluss is a synthesis of philosophy, research, politics and more; it is a CONNECTION between disciplines and sometimes ideologies facing each other at the opposite side of the spectrum.”

“We are standing on the ruins of the industrial civilization and it is time to restructure the manifesting (and unmanifesting) universe. This book will be one of the handbooks in the circles of bold builders embarking on this extremely difficult journey.”

“After having read the entirety within a short time frame, I have no regrets. I even struggled to put the book down for a period of time. I don’t have the pleasure to say this often about books which speaks volumes for me personally. The posts by unauthorized purchases was a bit disheartening. I gave this Masterpiece a chance. I am thankful to have had the pleasure of reading this well planned, thought out, and eloquent use of words to transcribe a Philosophy many shouldn’t turn away from.”

“Mr. Ronin writes with clarity, and goes into specifics with amazing detail. Only to take the many smaller concepts he has painted, into the bigger picture he has created for the reader. Much like an artist starts with the lines, he continues to add on and illustrate the many dilemmas we face, providing multiple scenarios. The ideas are definitely original, no questions asked in this regard.”

“This book is 380 pages of what can legitimately be called solid original content, and that content is a strategic planner for a new way of engaging in racial politics. The writing style is unpretentious and down to earth, it does not labour analogies – it is succinct and to the point. This is useful to anyone who holds themselves to a standard, is active in politics, and can benefit from a solidly thought out contribution to the new wave of hard line nationalist politics.”

“A truly remarkable book in scope and vision, the author manages to detail with stunning clarity the current social, political and economic factors or drivers that will lead to the creation of various ethno-states in the wake of the fracturing of the old industrial nation-states that once defined the old and slowly passing, North American political reality.”

“This is a very important and timely book that must be read and understood by all folks involved in the Secessionist/ethno-nationalist movement and we can only hope that Mr. Ronin’s work inspires more of our peoples out of the drunken stupor that is WN to come back to the realm of reality where we can effectively work towards our folk’s survival and future.”

“A vitally important wake-up call and outstanding analysis of our current situation in the West and how we got there. This should be required reading for anyone concerned with what has been happening to what remains of Western civilization and what we absolutely must resolve to do in the little time remaining.”

“Mr. Ronin’s polemic is an absolute page-turner and is filled-to-the-brim with knowledge and understanding of the current situation the world finds itself in, how it has culminated to this point, and measures to prepare ourselves to weather this most terrible of storms that has long been brewing. As he states clearly, there is no way to be certain precisely how every event will unfold, as there are an infinite number of possibilities in our fluid reality. What is clear is the aim of the New World Order, and that is a central, one-world government. It is becoming very evident now, even to those in denial. This book provides an excellent preparation for everyone to begin making changes to their lives and to give themselves and their children an opportunity to brace the walls and survive the coming times, as well as steps to be taken when it’s over to begin anew. This book is to be not just read, but studied. Read it. Learn it. Adapt. Prepare.”